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Our International Air-Freight services are one of our primary focuses at Regions Express Logistics. Sometimes cargo shipping can’t wait. That’s why we offer urgent overnight air freight and international freight options to suit your needs. From over-sized items to small parcels, we can handle any commercial freight you need shipped. Our commitment to you is providing fast and effective air-freight forwarding services when time is a priority.
We at Regions Express Logistics are backed by years of experience in the freight, transportation and customs industry. We will get your goods to their destination with expert efficiency. We are well equipped to co-ordinate multi-agency involvement when time is of the essence. So your air, road or sea freight gets to your destination smoothly. Express courier services are available for imports and exports.

Your benefits

Once it was enough for airfreight forwarders to move cargo on time from A to B. But with new security regulations, technology tools, and capacity reductions, forwarders today have to meet a full range of logistics needs. 
At Regions Express Logistics we recognise these as your needs not our needs so we make plans for you.
Freight forwarders are one of the industry’s best-kept secrets, In addition to changing and increasing regulations and security concerns, capacity is presenting a challenge. That is why you need the professional services of a company like Regions Express Logistics as we have been in the industry for many years and we know how to obtain the results you need for your logistics management.


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